Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Wedding Necklace

I am going to a family wedding next weekend and have an excuse to make myself a necklace. The outfit I am wearing is black and grey but I wanted to put some colour in the piece so I've introduced some pink.For the centre I have used a piece of 1.2mm wire as my base put a loop in each end and bent it into a semi circle shape. Then I've made myself a selection of strands with .4mm wire and 'lucite' flower beads, swarovski crystals and glass pearls. I have then wound them around the base  I have then added a couple of strands of tiger tail and threaded a few beads and larger pearls to balance the sides of the necklace with the centre. I have made ear ring s and a  'lucite' flower bracelet in black to match. I love making pieces like, and am available to undertake commissions for pieces like this for weddings or special occasions.

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