Saturday, 31 March 2012

Flower and leaf bracelet

Here I am adding a simple bracelet, nade again with the lovely 'lucite' beads. These small acrylic beads are so light that you can add a lot to this project giving you lots of movement without the weight.
You will need bag of each of the following from my website mini 10mm acrylic transparent flowers, and 14mm transparent leaves. You'll also need some size 11 seed beads, beading thread and a clasp. Start by adding approx 110 seed beads to your thread. Add one end of the clasp, you'll need to make the bracelet slightly larger than normal as the beads take up some of the slack. Now come back along the same beads go through the first add 3 beads, skip a bead and add another 3 beads carry on in this manner until you get to the end of the beads. Add the other end of the clasp. Now go through three beads abd add a flower bead and a seed bead go back down the flower bead and along 3 beads adding a leaf in the same manner. carry on until you get too the end an you will have a pretty bracelet. I randomly choose the colour of the beads, this would also look good if you used one colour of just one colour of flowers and one colour of leaves.